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Kaplan GRE® Exam Vocabulary Flashcards and Reference Guide

Kaplan GRE® Exam Vocabulary Flashcards and Reference Guide

gWhiz, LLC~~Over 500 flashcards covering need-to-know GRE vocabulary words. Kaplan’s GRE Exam Vocabulary is designed to help you to quickly learn the words that will help you succeed on the verbal section of the GRE. With this application you can study and test your knowledge on the go. Kaplan’s GRE Exam Vocabulary Flashcards includes:- definitions- phonetic pronunciations- parts of speech- sample sentences that provide words in context- synonymsThe GRE Vocabulary application is designed as a learning tool and mobile reference. The application works in two modes; Flashcards and Reference.Flashcards mode includes the ability to:- Manage your progress through three levels of difficulty: challenging, advanced, and most difficult or study all terms simultaneously- Study a category or take a quiz to test your knowledge — you decide- Try multiple choice to match one of four definitions to the appropriate word- Reverse the question & answer side of the flashcard to match the definition to the word- Test a higher level of comprehension by matching one of four synonyms to the appropriate word- Auto-shuffle your missed cards with a few you scored correctly to allow for focused study- Hide or show the score panel to track your progress and hone your study goals- 5 star performance scoring for quizzes helps you to track your improvement- Set the font size you prefer to make it easier on the eyesReference mode includes the ability to:- Search for a specific word or scroll alphabetically through the words and quickly jump to a letter with an A-to-Z side panel- Easy text scrolling makes learning complex information more manageable- Try Landscape view if you prefer — just turn your device sideways Have a question or would like to share your feedback, please send us an email at: We hope you enjoy using Kaplan’s GRE Exam Vocabulary App!About the Author* Kaplan Publishing is one of the nation’s top publishers of academic and professional development resources. We publish titles on topics such as test preparation, college and graduate school admissions, academic and career development in the legal, medical, education, and general business fields. Kaplan Publishing is the leading provider of test prep materials for a variety of standardized tests, including the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, SAT, PSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, and more. Our mission is to help individuals achieve their educational and career goals. We build futures one success story at a time. For related products, please visit*Kaplan® is a registered trademark of Kaplan, Inc. For all references in this application, GRE® is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service, which neither sponsors nor endorses this product.

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Use Simugator With LSAT Preptests For The Best LSAT Score Possible

taking the lsat
by SS&SS

The most effective way to prepare for an upcoming, monumental first-time challenge is to train under actual conditions. Consider the following:

Beginner skydivers, before jumping out of their first plane, master body control in a wind tunnel that simulates weightlessness.
New firefighters, before running into their first real inferno, gain experience in battling fires in a high-tech fire simulator.
NFL Football teams, before competing in an important playoff game in the noise-saturated Superdome, run drills while playing simulated crowd noise throughout the stadium that they are practicing in.

Most students, however, do not apply this simple principle to the LSAT. While they may spend thousands of dollars on LSAT preparation courses and materials,

Any person who has taken the LSAT will tell you that the real test is a grueling experience and that it is highly intimidating due to some of the following factors:

Test anxiety and nervousness will negatively affect the performance of students who did not become acclimated to the test day environment and procedures by taking LSAT PrepTests under actual conditions.
Distractions from, in some cases, hundreds of strangers will break the concentration of students who did not practice under actual conditions to increase their immunity to disturbing noise
Timing is strictly enforced by the LSAT proctors and being told that only five minutes remain can be an extreme cause of panic for those students who did not practice under actual conditions to master their self-pacing skills.
Transitions between sections occur almost immediately, often resulting in unexpected panic for students who did not practice under actual conditions to build their mental stamina.

All of these factors explain the reason why most LSAT students score higher on LSAT PrepTests than on the actual LSAT. If you want to avoid any decrease in score that many students report on test day, you must start taking your LSAT PrepTests under actual conditions using SimuGator: LSAT Prep Edition.

The SimuGator Virtual LSAT Proctor DVD is a complete video simulation of the LSAT shot from the perspective of a test taker.

Its purpose is to enable students to easily time themselves on practice LSAT PrepTests while building immunity to the distractions that they will face on test day.

This ability to take LSAT PrepTests under actual conditions results in greater concentration, decreased anxiety, and an overall stronger performance on the real LSAT.

Specifically, the SimuGator LSAT Proctor DVD allows you to:

Accurately and easily time your LSAT PrepTests through your own personal LSAT proctor who tells you when to start, when there are five minutes remaining, and when to stop each section.
Decrease LSAT test anxiety by practicing under actual conditions because you will know exactly what to expect on test day
Increase concentration by turning on “Distractions Mode”™ which reproduces distractions that you will face on test day
Stay focused, disciplined, and motivated because the sections move along just like the real LSAT, which eliminates any temptation to take breaks between sections
Become comfortable with pacing yourself using your analog wrist-watch

The LSAC even recognizes the importance of taking LSAT PrepTests under actual conditions. On the first page of their LSAT Preparation Manual, the LSAC states:

“[Y]ou should review the descriptions of the question types (below) and simulate the day of the test by taking, under actual time constraints, a practice test that includes a writing sample. Taking a practice test under timed conditions helps you to estimate the amount of time you can afford to spend on each question in a section and to determine the question types for which you may need additional practice.”(

Just as a skydiver would never jump out of a plane without first training as much as possible under actual conditions, neither should you take the LSAT cold without taking many LSAT PrepTests under actual conditions using SimuGator: LSAT Prep Edition.

We hope that this article has also helped you realize the importance of practicing under actual conditions in order to maximize your score on the LSAT.

SimuGator LSAT Prep, formerly LSAT Proctor, has helped thousands of students prepare for the LSAT since 2007. Their main product, the Virtual LSAT Proctor DVD enables test takers to practice LSAT PrepTests under actual conditions, which results in greater concentration, decreased anxiety, and an overal stronger performance on the real LSAT.

The Importance Of A Will-Get Wills Prepared For Free

 John Denver went out for a routine plane ride when the unexpected happened. He crashed into the bay and died. What was he thinking? Probably not about the fact that he had left three children and no will, with no directive about the disposition of his $ 20 million estate.

Jackie O. on the other hand, left an explicit will detailing the handling of her $ 200 million estate including specific bequests to her children, gifts for her friends, and 36 pages of directives on the distribution of her property including her Fifth Avenue apartment in New York City and an autographed copy (signed by Robert Frost) of JFK’s inaugural address.

 While you may not have $ 200 million (yet!), it is important that you take control of your legacy and get your wills prepared. Seven out of 10 Americans die “intestate,” meaning without a will. In fact, each state has its own rules regarding the distribution of property as well as laws that dictate what constitutes the elements of a valid will. Just like any other area of financial planning, knowing the basics can go a long way. Unfortunately, most of us don’t like to think about writing a will, but the best way to provide for your heirs is to do proper planning in life, while you can!


A will is a document that transfers your property at your death to designated persons. It is revocable, which means that it is subject to change until your death. It becomes effective only upon your death. The goal of your will is to distribute your property to whom you wish, like your diamond engagement ring to your favorite daughter-in-law or your coin collection to your grandson. A will also provides for your assets to be managed or for the care of your children by naming guardians for them.

You — the “testator” if you are a man, or “testatrix” if you are a woman — are the main player in writing your will. You must be of sound mind and of majority age in your state. You must declare it to be your “Last Will And Testament.” It must be in writing and signed by you, and two witnesses. I is advised to have your wills prepared by a Lawyer/Attorney, since it is a legal document! It should be revised when you have a change in your family situation like a birth or a divorce, or when there is a change in the tax law. It is essential to name a personal representative, who is known as an “executor” or “executrix.”

“The executor is charged with a fiduciary duty to carry out the terms and conditions of the testator’s will as well as settle all debts. The role is shaped by the size and complexity of the estate,” says Judd Kleeger, an attorney in New York City. Being an executor or executrix is a job which requires competency and some financial knowledge. Upon the death of the testator, the executor will have to take an inventory of and collect assets, pay debts and taxes, and manage assets. “An executor of a large and complex estate will have much to do. However, they will be rewarded handsomely by receiving a fee, generally a percentage of the estate’s value,” Kleeger says.


 There are several tax issues that you should be aware when preparing a will. Our government imposes an estate tax from 18 percent to as high as 55 percent! Yes, 55 percent — that is more than half of your accumulated estate upon your death. Fortunately, we are all entitled to a credit against this tax. In 1998, the “applicable credit amount” was $ 625,000 increasing annually until it reaches $ 1,000,000 in 2006.

For estates larger than the applicable credit amount, there are several strategies that can be employed inside a will to take advantage of this credit — because if you don’t use it, you lose it. For example, a provision can be made in both spouses wills for “Credit Shelter Trusts.” This way, the decedent’s estate shelters their credit in a trust. This trust is one to which the surviving spouse has the right to income but which will be out of their estate, and upon their death, would not be taxed with their remaining assets. Trusts are prepared at a 25% discount through a Pre-Paid Legal Service Plan.

“With all of the recent tax law changes regarding gifts and estates made by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act 1998, effective tax planning by a tax practitioner can save taxes both during life and for your heirs,” says Alan Levine, a tax attorney in New York City.

Remember, your will is your last word. Don’t let someone else, like your state or the federal government, utter it for you! You can either pay a high dollar estate planning attorney to prepare your will or you can get one at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE through your Pre-Paid Legal Service Plan! The value of the Will alone will pay for your Legal Service Plan for years! Don’t procrastinate! Get started TODAY!

Wills, Power Of Attorney, Trusts, etc, Are all Legal Documents That Need To Be Prepared By Experienced Lawyers/Attorneys. The Financial Decision Is Now Eliminated. Get started today!

I was training to become an NBA player with Jeremy Lin of the Golden State Warriors and this happened.. Watch the vid of me teaching Jeremy Lin how to do Youtube:

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