Month: January 2012

Barron’s LSAT: Law School Admission Test

Barron’s LSAT: Law School Admission Test

Used – Providing extensive preparation for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test), this manual includes five full-length model exams. All tests come with answer keys and detailed analyses and explanations of answers. The manual presents test-taking advice in the form of a detailed 5-step approach to the LSAT, an actual exam used to diagnose weak areas, and wide-ranging practice and review that covers all three of the LSAT’s main sections: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Compre

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Nice Sat Preperation photos

A few nice sat preperation images I found:

Portal party preperations!
sat preperation
Image by vissago
Headcrab, Meet Aurora.

I love how when I put the thing on her, she was just confused as all hell – she didn’t know what to do so she just sat there sort of going "umm… whats.. going on… what are you doing to me?" while I ran to get my d200.

Detail of Pearls
sat preperation
Image by baking_in_pearls
Lately I’ve been obsessively wearing pearls. the only time I remove them is in preperation for bathing. I’ve owned these pearls for the better part of a decade, always feeling I had to wait for the proper occasion. There they sat all of those years as I went through my silver phase, my junk phase, my just earrings phase, I think it is long past time that they should be worn out.