Month: April 2012

SAT: Ways to Prepare

It is extremely necessary to enter your SAT test day assured, calm, and nicely prepared. Taking SAT practice assessments throughout your prep periods will help make sure that you’re accustomed to the format of the SAT and can help you calm down and do your greatest work on test day. Having all the suitable instruments with you on test morning can even enable you to comfortably complete the SAT.


Make certain that you recognize the exact time and placement for check-in. If you are unfamiliar with the location, you might think about driving to the testing location ahead of time in order that you understand how long it is going to take. This shall be one much less factor to fret about on SAT day. Additionally, you will need to print your SAT admission ticket from the College Board Web site and bring it with you for check in on SAT day.

Photo Identification

You will have to have a proper form of photo identification with you the day of testing. A driver’s license, state-issued photo identification card, high school identification card or passport are all sufficient forms of identification.


A number 2 pencil is required for the SAT and it’s instructed that you simply pack two pencils to be safe. Pens and mechanical pencils aren’t allowed. Ensure that your pencils are sharpened and ready to be used earlier than you arrive on the testing location. A solid eraser is also helpful to make clean corrections to your test.


It would be best to learn certain requirements for calculators before the day of the test. For the SAT, a graphing or scientific calculator is recommended. A 4-function calculator is allowed, however not recommended. Laptop calculators, cellular phone calculators and pocket organizers aren’t allowed. It is advisable to put new batteries in the calculator before the test.


Whereas certainly not required, you’re permitted to bring in snacks and drinks with you for the break. Pack a water bottle and a small snack that you may eat to recharge your power during the break.


The testing room will usually be equipped with a wall clock, but it’s generally useful to have a watch with you on testing day. Turn off any audible alarms just before going into the test. A watch will ensure you can plan your time accordingly and that it is possible for you to to complete your complete test.

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The Problems Using a Cheap Essay Writing Service

If you are a student you might be looking for a cheap essay writing service that will get you an essay at a cut-rate price. You have to consider the issues with getting an essay from a cheap essay writing service. It is likely that your essay will be drawn from a database of essay that have already been written, or, your paper will be assigned to a writer who does not speak fluent English.

The web has plenty of cheap essay writing services that promise low prices. Even if you pay less for an essay, there are other costs that go along with that purchase. If your essay is plagiarized, then your money is lost with no benefit to you. And if your professor checks for plagiarism, then you might even fail your class. This is why it is so important to have an original essay.

What may be worse is if your essay is written by someone who is an expert in the English language. Your professor will mark you down for misspelling, etc. because cheap essay writing services often do not adhere to instructions. The last thing you want is to purchase an essay only to get a failing grade for your money. You are gambling with your education when you use a cheap essay writing service.

Many students, instead of using a cheap essay writing service will employ a much more expensive website. These websites charge $50 a page or more! This is perhaps why people looking for essays run into issues when looking for a good price and good services. The web has too many essays that cost too much. A person looking for an essay needs to find balance between price and quality.

There are some websites that have custom essays staring at only $9.99 a page! Moreover, all essays are written by college educated professionals, many with graduate degrees or higher. They also promise total satisfaction or a money back guarantee. On top of that all their essays are edited by an extra set of human eyes and grammar checking software.

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Want to Study Abroad? Here are Some Good Pointers

Spending a school semester abroad will be probably the most exciting and rewarding times of your life. Since traveling to a unfamiliar place might not be for everybody, there are many factors to consider prior to packing your bags.

Begin by considering the expenses and added benefits of a semester internationally. Many colleges and universities have formal study overseas programs, however these usually come with fairly high costs. Others have exchange programs with overseas universities, but these can typically conflict with receiving or keeping financial aid. Before making any decisions, ask for a listing of the prices and costs associated with spending a semester abroad.

Next, look at the available course offerings within the overseas university or college. Most overseas programs will solely consider these credits as elective liberal arts credits. It is extremely uncommon to find a school that will give credit score for specific credits, especially if these courses are conditions for different classes. Communicate together with your college counselor to see how finding out abroad would fit into your academic plan, and at what lessons you will want in order to graduate; learning abroad might mean needing to finish an additional semester when you get back. Of course, the chance to complete course work overseas could be price needing an additional semester to finish your degree. Many future employers take a look at time spent abroad as just like completing an internship. Having the ability to say you can converse with native audio system of a language, and the contacts and friends you make in another country will stick with you for the remainder of your life.

You should also have a look at the type of guidance offered by each school for their international students. Is housing provided, or will you be anticipated to find your individual place to reside? Does the host university provide a meal plan, or will you be expected to cook your own food? While some young people just like the security of staying with different students, being able to reside on your own abroad might be a useful experience. Staying by yourself means learning to prepare dinner with native ingredients and will broaden the type of people you meet while traveling. Living by yourself additionally means getting together with the native culture in a means that you simply cannot do with another type of study.

The experience of studying in another country will stay with you forever. Quite a few professionals within the workforce are nonetheless in contact with the friends they made while learning abroad. One professor in her 50s still commonly exchanges e-mails and gifts with the friends she met while traveling as part of a class while earning her Bachelor’s degree. When speaking about her expertise she has stated; My pal additionally teaches at an area college in her nation, and since we’re in similar fields, we frequently trade concepts for papers. We’ve even labored collectively on a couple of of them throughout the years. Different college students use their foreign travel experience to land interviews with multi-national corporations after they graduate. Whatever you choose to do with the experience, your time spent abroad is one thing that can stick with you for a lifetime.

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